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How Much House? For $600k in LoCo..

Loudoun home

Everyone seemed to enjoy my HGTV-inspired How Much House for $400k in LoCo recently, so let's revisit at a different price point...how much house will $600,000 get you in Loudoun? In Sterling, there are only nine non-short sale homes available that are priced between $575,000 and $625,000...in that price range, you can choose from single … [Read more...]

What a ride…


Forgive me for a moment, while I depart from our regularly scheduled programming... That's my son, from his first season of football in 2005.  His very understanding coach let him wear a Cowboys jersey to practice (and called him Emmitt.) My quiet, intellectual, bookish son fell in love with football, and hasn't looked back since. I've … [Read more...]

Halloween Treats for Sterling

Spring in Ashburn

We haven't taken a look at Sterling in 6 months so it was time to check in. While the market here seems to be a bit more volatile than the rest of the county, there is a trend worth mentioning. In 2010 and 2011 the highest median price for single family and condo/ town homes occurs in the August September time frame. In addition, over the last … [Read more...]

Panera in Pville? Not So Far…

Cole Farm damage, taken from East Main Street

Remember that photo? From right when construction was begun at Cole Farm/Purcellville Gateway? Me too. It looks a little different out there now, with the barn gone, the house moved, and the silo just starting to be rebuilt. You can clearly see where the commercial and retail buildings are going in now. Walls are shaping up. Less clear is what … [Read more...]