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KB Home is Back in Ashburn

Martin's Chase in Ashburn

In April of 2008, I wrote a post detailing how the new home builders were bailing out of our area as the market weakened, and pointed out the KB Home community at Martin's Chase in Ashburn specifically.  We've seen builders coming back into the county over the course of the last year.  Lennar reopened in Martin's Chase last summer, and has … [Read more...]

Curious about Home Value?

Home value report

If you are curious about how much your home (or a home you might want to buy) is worth, just fill out this form and I'll email you a report with clickable links to comparable homes that are for sale or recently sold. Don't worry, I won't spam you...I hate spam just as much as you. =) ~ Heather … [Read more...]

Back to Normal Now?

Spring in Ashburn

Another byproduct of the first time homebuyer tax credit...a temporary upward blip in prices. Looks like the market has already corrected itself, huh? (Condo median price includes townhomes, too.) Cheers, Heather … [Read more...]

Dry Mill Road Closed…


Just a heads up that beginning today, Dry Mill Road in Leesburg will be closed from Route 9 to Woodburn Road so that Dominion Virginia Power can bury a transmission line under the road, and then fix it all back up again.  This is not great news for those of us that commute from Purcellville to Leesburg, using this beautiful back way to get … [Read more...]

LoCo Inventory Goes Rollercoaster..

Spring in Ashburn

Well, I've been really apprehensive of what our real estate market would look like in Loudoun County after the first time homebuyer tax credit expired. (which happened last Friday, so you can go ahead and exhale now) Look at what our inventory levels did in the last couple of weeks...a lot of homes on the market all of a sudden. And … [Read more...]

Not Quite Ready to Buy?

709 Pipers Brook Drive

This fantastic home is listed for rent in Purcellville, starting toward the end of June, for $2650 a month. It is in the Village Case neighborhood, just off Maple Avenue.   If you know anyone that might be interested, please forward this along to them; it's available for showing now. More photos, floorplans, and information can be found at … [Read more...]

Towers Appearing in Western LoCo

Dominion Power lines

Well, we've been watching Dominion Virginia Power do their site work across Western Loudoun since before the blizzards (which slowed progress for sure). The time has finally come for the towers to go up, to carry the transmission lines from the new substation south of Leesburg to another new substation near Purcellville. The expectation is … [Read more...]

Storm Before the Calm?


I thought it might be helpful to look at how the current market climate has affected median price in different towns across the county. The first chart shows single family home data, and the second shows the combined condo/townhome market. Everything seemed pretty stable right up until the beginning of March, huh? I'm guessing that the … [Read more...]

LoCo Budget Finalized For 2011…


The Board of Supervisors voted to approve the fiscal year 2011 county spending plan yesterday morning, raising the residential real estate tax rate by 5.5 cents, to $1.30 per hundred of assessed value, and cutting $73 million of expeditures.  They trimmed $25.4 million from the school system's budget, leaving the school board to figure out … [Read more...]

First Time Buyer Credit Affecting Inventory? Heck, Yes…

Spring in Ashburn

So if you want to take advantage of the first time homebuyer or move-up homebuyer tax credit by the contract deadline of April 30th? Looks like you are not alone...Here are the inventory numbers for all of Loudoun County. Keep in mind that the condo chart includes townhomes, too: Not a whole lot to pick from, all of a sudden, huh? I just … [Read more...]