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Storm Before the Calm?


I thought it might be helpful to look at how the current market climate has affected median price in different towns across the county. The first chart shows single family home data, and the second shows the combined condo/townhome market. Everything seemed pretty stable right up until the beginning of March, huh? I'm guessing that the … [Read more...]

LoCo Budget Finalized For 2011…


The Board of Supervisors voted to approve the fiscal year 2011 county spending plan yesterday morning, raising the residential real estate tax rate by 5.5 cents, to $1.30 per hundred of assessed value, and cutting $73 million of expeditures.  They trimmed $25.4 million from the school system's budget, leaving the school board to figure out … [Read more...]

First Time Buyer Credit Affecting Inventory? Heck, Yes…

Spring in Ashburn

So if you want to take advantage of the first time homebuyer or move-up homebuyer tax credit by the contract deadline of April 30th? Looks like you are not alone...Here are the inventory numbers for all of Loudoun County. Keep in mind that the condo chart includes townhomes, too: Not a whole lot to pick from, all of a sudden, huh? I just … [Read more...]

Goose Creek Bend Homes Ready in June

Goose Creek Bend

Brookfield Homes is apparently closing out its' small amount of lots in Goose Creek Bend with two final homesites, set to be finished in June. Goose Creek Bend is a small community located off of Sycolin Road, with a Leesburg mailing address but closer proximity to Belmont Ridge Road and Ashburn. I'm surprised that Brookfield doesn't have … [Read more...]

Pick a Home, Any Home…

Spring in Ashburn

Finally, sunshine and warm weather in Loudoun County...which leads to blooming forsythia bushes, short sleeved shirts, youth sports, and tons of buyers driving around visiting open houses. Want to know how much is there to pick from in homes for sale? Here's the latest on inventory numbers across Loudoun County: The top line is single family … [Read more...]

One LoCo Square Foot Costs…

Spring in Ashburn

One of the statistics I rarely look at is price per square foot, because it is typically the most stable in the short term. Going into the spring market, I thought it would be helpful to look at where the median price per square foot is for different towns in Loudoun County.  Remember that 'condo' really means 'condo and townhomes.' For the … [Read more...]

New to LoCoMusings? Welcome!

original barn and silo

Is this your first visit to my blog? Welcome! (I'd hold the door open for you, if I had one here..) I'm guessing that a few people will be visiting who haven't been here before, because I've done a little advertising in the newspaper, and it's been a long time since I've done that. In any case, hello! This site is here because I wanted to … [Read more...]

Sneaking Up on Spring

Spring in Ashburn

It may not feel like it outside, but the spring real estate market in Loudoun County is now starting! (As soon as we can dig our way out to start showing houses again, anyway...) Here's a birds-eye view of stats for the entire county, as of February 5. You can click on over to my city level stats sites for more localized data; they are listed … [Read more...]

LoCo Snowpocalypse?


Taken at around 8:45 this morning here in Purcellville. I'm glad to see that the plows have been out in my neighborhood overnight...one of the things we pay for in our homeowner's association is snow removal, and they are very much on top of things with this storm so far! Please be safe today and stay off the roads if you can. Also, please … [Read more...]

LoCo Snow Photo

LoCo Photo...snow

Beautiful. And apparently, there is more on the way this weekend. What a winter! Cheers, Heather … [Read more...]