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I’m Just a Bill, on Capital Hill…

Cameron Chase Home 2

This past weekend Governor McAuliffe signed a couple of bills into law concerning real estate.  Though the specific provisions of the bills he signed will not come into effect until July 1, 2014, here is a recap of three that may make a difference for you: HB 331 - Establishing First Time Homeowners Savings Plans First Time Homeowners … [Read more...]

15 Minutes of Fame

Smashed car

  I always assumed my 15 minutes of fame would be related to golf, real estate, maybe even coaching. Never pictured something like this... Yesterday was a rare occasion for me to stop by our Century 21 Redwood Office in Ashburn. I was working on a listing presentation when an agent came running in saying a Mercedes had been hit in the … [Read more...]

Purcellville Green is Open for Business

Pville Green Model Kitchen

Yesterday I had a chance to stop in and meet the sales manager at Purcellville Green, a Toll Brothers community of townhomes on 21st Street. Toll Bros. has actually owned the property for five years and unlike some of their other projects they are fast tracking lot releases. Construction began back in October and so far thirteen homes have … [Read more...]

Cutting Down the Nets

Tiger Champ!

Last week we wrapped up our Western Loudoun Basketball League season with the playoffs. Maddie's 5th grade Tigers team was able to win Coach Castellano his first championship in an exciting 21-18 win over the Cardinals (the first basketball trophy in our house). My 4th grade Commodores weren't so lucky. We fell 13-11 in the first round of the … [Read more...]

2nd Time’s a Charm for Billy Hurley III

Billy Hurley Photo

Billy Hurley III was a junior member at Westpark Golf Club when I was the head professional there. Last fall I wrote about him getting a 2nd chance on the PGA Tour. In many ways he is living the life I thought I might, so it's fun to keep an eye on how he's doing. A strong 2011 season on the Web.com tour (sorta like AAA baseball) earned his … [Read more...]

What You Can’t Get in LoCo Today


Don't know about you, but we've had enough of the polar vortex! March is three days away and it's time to get on the ball fields. All this cold weather is certainly having an affect on our real estate market too, let's take a look at what isn't for sale in LoCo... Over the last month we've written about what you can get at the various price … [Read more...]

When Can You Buy Real Estate After Foreclosure?


If you lost your home due to foreclosure, you probably haven't given up on the dream of owning a new home. The good news is that a number of guidelines have changed which may allow you an opportunity to buy that new home sooner than you think. Arming yourself with this information may help you qualify again for a mortgage. Foreclosure With … [Read more...]

Snow, Schmoe! It’s Time for the Loudoun Grown Expo!

Loudoun Grown 2013

No amount of snow this week is going to stop the 4th Annual Loudoun Grown Expo. Set for this coming Saturday, February 15th, from 1:00 - 6:00 pm at the Bush Tabernacle (also known as the skating rink) in Purcellville, the Expo shows off the best Western LoCo has to offer. Featuring seven wineries, three breweries, and the first legal … [Read more...]

Catoctin Creek Towne Center Coming to Purcellville?

Catoctin Creek Towne Center

Last week the Purcellville Planning Commission heard a proposal from the Franklin Johnston Group for the Catoctin Creek Towne Center. Their plan is to build a 176 unit apartment complex and 6 acre indoor/outdoor recreational facility, situated at the intersection of Hirst Road and Maple Avenue. The thinking behind the project is to create … [Read more...]

To Close or Not to Close…

Woodgrove High School

I know our parents walked to school uphill both ways through two feet of snow, heck I've even shared some of those stories with my kids when they complain about going to school on a questionable day. Last week we had two such days, and either way one side of the county was going to be upset. I want to share what we saw and try to help us all … [Read more...]