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How Much Home For $500K in LoCo, May 2014

Log cabin in Waterford

Since we last wrote about this, the number of homes for sale in Ashburn, Sterling, and Leesburg have doubled while the rest of LoCo has stayed constant. If you are searching in the $500,000 price point, you have 84 of the 1346 total homes currently on the market from which to choose. (As shown in the multiple listing service this morning, … [Read more...]

LoCo High Schools Making the Grade

School hallway

This came through from LCPS and we thought it was worth sharing: All 12 of the Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) high schools eligible to be ranked nationally by The Washington Post’s Challenge Index received this honor in 2014. (John Champe High School is not yet eligible to be ranked.) The Challenge Index, conceived by Jay Mathews of … [Read more...]

Take a Tour of Western LoCo This Weekend

Western Loudoun

Here are all the open houses in Western LoCo this weekend: … [Read more...]

Cutting Down the Nets

Tiger Champ!

Last week we wrapped up our Western Loudoun Basketball League season with the playoffs. Maddie's 5th grade Tigers team was able to win Coach Castellano his first championship in an exciting 21-18 win over the Cardinals (the first basketball trophy in our house). My 4th grade Commodores weren't so lucky. We fell 13-11 in the first round of the … [Read more...]

Ever Heard of a CSA?

Hydroponic vegetables

About nine years ago Heather began having migraines on a regular basis. After a few doctors appointments and some research on our own, we realized many were being caused by chemicals in our food. If you actually read what is on the label of stuff you buy in the grocery store you might never eat! Now we didn't go all doomsday prepper and start … [Read more...]

How Much Home for $300K in LoCo Today?


  Last week when we wrote about homes in the $400,000 price range there were 1500 active listings. Here we are a week later and only 2 more homes are on the market, maybe the weather is slowing things down. If you are searching in the $300,000 price point, you have 59 of the 1502 homes currently on the market from which to choose. (As shown … [Read more...]

Look Back: Round Hill in 2013

2013 Closed Sales, All - ZIP- 20141

Round Hill is one of the only areas in LoCo where single family homes can still be purchased for less than $400,000. It is also home to a few historic properties, the golf course community of Stoneleigh, and three new construction neighborhoods, Lakepoint, The Highlands, and Mountain Valley at the Villages of Round Hill. Let's take a look at … [Read more...]

How Much Home for $750k in LoCo Today?

Stoneleigh Home

Sitting here on another sub zero day, our second extended break with the kids off school, and one of the fun things we like to do is dream about what might be the "next" house. Here's a little taste of the top end of the market, hope you enjoy. If you are searching in the $750,000 price point, you have 29 of the 676 total homes currently on … [Read more...]

To Close or Not to Close…

Woodgrove High School

I know our parents walked to school uphill both ways through two feet of snow, heck I've even shared some of those stories with my kids when they complain about going to school on a questionable day. Last week we had two such days, and either way one side of the county was going to be upset. I want to share what we saw and try to help us all … [Read more...]

Look Back: LoCo Market in 2013

Farm outside of Waterford

2013 was the year of the seller in LoCo as every statistical measure of value increased. A couple of my buyers experienced this first hand with multiple offer situations, but we were still able to find them a home. Probably the most shocking stat was a 21% increase in total sales volume to almost $2.9 billion! That's enough to buy the … [Read more...]