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A New Place to Party

Sudden Combat

Last week’s spring break was a staycation for the Elias clan. We watched a few movies, painted a fence, went bowling, and managed to practice a little softball. It also gave us the opportunity to check out Sudden Combat, an “extreme lasertag” and reball facility in Sterling. There have been more than a few team lasertag parties, and our … [Read more...]

Take a Tour of Sterling This Weekend

Sterling neighborhoods2

Here are all the open houses in Sterling this weekend: … [Read more...]

Slow Rising Tide in LoCo

Dunrobin home

A month ago we wrote about how few listings there were on the market, 660 non new construction homes to be exact. Here we are one month later and we've only climbed to 835 on the multiple listing service. How did we get there? 680 homes have been listed since February 26, with 251 of those currently under contract or already sold. That's … [Read more...]

This LOL Doesn’t Come With a Smile (Lack of Listings)

Broadlands home

Two weeks ago I wrote about the lack of homes on the market, and it got me doing a little more digging. About two years ago Heather wrote something similar for the Washington Post. It's scary to see how close the numbers are: Ashburn Village:  18 now/ 20 then Ashburn Farm: 12 now/ 13 then Broadlands: 10 now/ 20 then Brambleton: 30 … [Read more...]

Ever Heard of a CSA?

Hydroponic vegetables

About nine years ago Heather began having migraines on a regular basis. After a few doctors appointments and some research on our own, we realized many were being caused by chemicals in our food. If you actually read what is on the label of stuff you buy in the grocery store you might never eat! Now we didn't go all doomsday prepper and start … [Read more...]

How Much Home for $300K in LoCo Today?


  Last week when we wrote about homes in the $400,000 price range there were 1500 active listings. Here we are a week later and only 2 more homes are on the market, maybe the weather is slowing things down. If you are searching in the $300,000 price point, you have 59 of the 1502 homes currently on the market from which to choose. (As shown … [Read more...]

2013 Year in Review: Potomac Lakes

Sterling townhomes

  Located in Sterling between Route 7 and the Algonkian Regional Park, Potomac Lakes is a community of single family homes and townhomes built between 1989 and 2002.  We know this area well having spent countless weekends on the softball fields at Potomac Lakes Sportsplex. Let's take a look at last year's real estate market … [Read more...]

Look Back: Sterling Market in 2013

Sterling neighborhoods2

Home to the Dulles Towne Center and Trump National Golf Club, Sterling is one of the oldest towns in LoCo. Many of our friends grew up in Sterling Park, although most say it has changed quite a bit in the last 30 years. Let's take a look at how the real estate market here fared in 2013... The graph above details the 1271 sales of existing … [Read more...]

How Much Home for $400k in LoCo Today?

South Riding townhomes

Guess the cold weather isn't slowing the market down, last week when I wrote about homes in the $750,000 price range there were only 676 on the market! If you are searching in the $400,000 price point, you have 56 of the 1500 total homes currently on the market from which to choose. (As shown in the multiple listing service this morning, … [Read more...]

To Close or Not to Close…

Woodgrove High School

I know our parents walked to school uphill both ways through two feet of snow, heck I've even shared some of those stories with my kids when they complain about going to school on a questionable day. Last week we had two such days, and either way one side of the county was going to be upset. I want to share what we saw and try to help us all … [Read more...]