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Summer Baseball and Softball Camps in LoCo

FC Camp photo

Over the last eleven years I’ve spent thousands of hours coaching girls softball. Mostly my own daughter’s teams, and maybe a friend’s child or two along the way. This summer I will have the privilege to relay a little of that knowledge to all of my Fielder’s Choice campers. If you are looking for a great way to get your children outside this summer, consider taking a look at my softball camp as well as all the others here in LoCo:

Fielder’s Choice in Purcellville is where we call home. They offer both baseball and softball camps, I’ll be heading up the youth softball camp.

Diamond Sports Training (DST) in Sterling has both indoor and outdoor camps throughout the summer.

Replay Sports is close to our office in Ashburn. They have an awesome simulator that can help your higher level players work on hitting that nasty rise ball.

We’ve attended a catcher’s camp at Rip City and many of our current team members have taken private lessons there. The softball staff were all professional players at one point and one is currently on staff at the University of MD.

Diamond Elite has teamed up with LCPRS to offer baseball and softball camps through the county handbook system, you can find the schedule here.