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A Day in the Life: Circa 1880

Natlie & Mrs. Houtz

LoCo is filled with history and each year 4th graders get an opportunity to live a little of it. This past Monday I had the chance to chaperon Mrs. Houtz's class on their annual field trip to the Second Street School in Waterford. Here's a glimpse of what we learned... The Second Street School was founded by Waterford's Quaker meeting group … [Read more...]

LoCo High Schools Making the Grade

School hallway

This came through from LCPS and we thought it was worth sharing: All 12 of the Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) high schools eligible to be ranked nationally by The Washington Post’s Challenge Index received this honor in 2014. (John Champe High School is not yet eligible to be ranked.) The Challenge Index, conceived by Jay Mathews of … [Read more...]

The Low Down on LoCo Schools for April 2nd

School hallway

Image Credit Here's a Loudoun County School System update: Back in February, I wrote about the revision of the school transfer rule. Yesterday marked the opening of the special permission period for students to request transfer to a school which they are not assigned. Here is the full announcement. As you might expect, Briar Woods and … [Read more...]

LoCo News Wrap-up for January 25th

LoCo News

This week's news, notes , and nuggets for Loudoun: Ashburn student meets the President: Phoebe Lisle wrote a letter to the President on the day of the Sandy Hook shootings. Little did she know it would to turn into a tour of the White House and a visit with the President Obama. Pick your school: This past Tuesday the Loudoun County … [Read more...]

Late to School in LoCo = Misdemeanor?

School hallway

Image Credit So I was surprised to see media stories popping up yesterday reporting that Loudoun County Public Schools had brought criminal charges against parents Amy and Mark Denicore for their three children's habitual tardiness to Waterford Elementary. You can click through and read articles at the Loudoun Times, the Washington Post, … [Read more...]

LoCo Schools Open for the Fall

Kenneth Culbert Elementary in Hamilton

As I'm sure you noticed, the buses are running in LoCo this morning, as the kids (finally) head back to school.  I'm admitting to a little melancholy today, as I send my youngest of four off to kindergarten, my middle child to first grade, and my twins to their first year of middle school.  It will be a different year for me this year! I'm … [Read more...]

LoCo Photo: Loudoun Country Day School's New Campus

Loudoun Country Day School

I knew that Loudoun Country Day School was slated to open their new campus this fall, but when I drove by it recently on my way to Brambleton, I was blown away!  They have a 68 acre plot of land, and the first phase of construction includes a building to house pre-kindergarten through 5th grade, another for the middle school (6th to 8th), and … [Read more...]

News and Notes: from our Loudoun County Schools


Congratulations are in order for the Stone Bridge High School Bulldogs, who last Saturday brought home the state football championship by crushing Potomac High School 38-0 at Charlottsville's Scott Stadium.  The win was only the second time a Loudoun team has won the state championship, and was particularly sweet since the Bulldogs had made it … [Read more...]