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    Sudden Combat

    *Update: It appears that Sudden Combat has closed! Stand by, we’ll get a post together soon for other options in Loudoun!*

    Last week’s spring break was a staycation for the Elias clan. We watched a few movies, painted a fence, went bowling, and managed to practice a little softball. It also gave us the opportunity to check out Sudden Combat, an “extreme lasertag” and reball facility in Sterling.

    There have been more than a few team laser tag parties, and our first paintball trip to Hogback Mountain resulted in our son getting his own gear. It didn’t take a lot of convincing to give reball a shot (pun intended!). Reball is paintball without the paint. You use the same type of gun but shoot rubber pellets instead of paintballs. I think it hurts a little more too, but maybe that’s because you end up getting shot from a closer distance. The arena at Sudden Impact is about 1000 square feet and has inflated barriers for cover. It’s pretty close quarters but the games go fast and everyone is in the action.

    We didn’t get to check out the laser tag arenas, I guess we’ll have to make a return trip. As with most places like this, parties are available and can be booked on the Sudden Impact web site. I recommend wearing protective gear if you are going to reball, Wil ended up with a couple of welts that look pretty gruesome and you can still see them 5 days later. Overall it got a two thumbs up from all four kids. Enjoy!


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