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A Peek Inside My World

LoCo Real Estate home office, work from homeSo in my career as a real estate agent, I’ve tried a few different working arrangements, and I think I’ve finally found the one that works for me. Yup, that’s my desk, in my office,  right in my home.  I come downstairs, grab a cup of coffee, and start my day.  In years past, I’ve had a cubicle of my very own (not productive…too much noise for me to make private phone calls) and my own office, with a door that locked (but was a 15 minute commute from my house).  What I’ve discovered is that everything I need is right here.  (I’ve not moved the coffeepot to my desk, yet, but I’m not ruling that out.)

If I’m not out on appointments, I’m here. My broker is only an email or phone call away if I need him.  My processing manager and my graphic designer respond to my emails right away. I have a fax machine. And a coffee maker. (Caffeine plays a big role in my productivity, just sayin.)  I also have three windows with a great view of my backyard.  The monstrosity on the right side of my desk is a color laser printer, so I can handle print jobs from here without needing to hit the office. I even have a webcam so that I can video conference with clients as needed.

How’s it working for me? Since I’ve made the switch to working from here, I’m much more productive~~less distractions means it’s easy for my clients to reach me and get a fast response. It’s easier for me to focus on the properties I’m marketing, or the needs of the buyers I’m working with.  I can dig into local news and developments, and track  the market statistics to be able to share those things with my readers. I think it’s made me a better Realtor.

If you’d like a closer look at how I work, keep up with me in real time by following me on twitter!


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