CiCi’s Pizza Opens in Leesburg

    CiCi's Pizza

    One of the traditions we have with our kids is that for their birthday dinner, they get to pick where we go (or what they want Mom to cook, but strangely they always choose to go out…) This month, my youngest asked to have dinner at CiCi’s Pizzain Leesburg, and we were happy to oblige her!

    Newly opened in the new shopping center on Fort Evans Road, next to JoAnn Fabrics, Cici’s is set up as an all you can eat buffet style, with salad, breadsticks, pasta, soups, and a plethora of pizza types.  I don’t usually go for buffet food, but you can see how quickly they are cooking and replacing pizza…it’s been busy in there every time we have gone.  We’re hooked; the salad and breadsticks rival Olive Garden’s, and the pizza is great. With four kids, each of them can pick whatever kind they want.

    The folks that work in there are fantastically nice, too.  We’ve seen the same manager (owner?) each time we’ve gone, and when he heard it was our daughter’s birthday dinner, he came over with a stack of tokens for the arcade room that kept all four kids busy after dinner.  She was delighted and definitely felt special.

    Each time we’ve visited we’ve had a blast, the prices are reasonable, and the food is good. Don’t forget to try the mac and cheese pizza when you go! Hope I see you there…



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    • Rob Cook

      Written on

      Unfortunately, the Dubuque Iowa CiCi’s just closed its doors. We loved going there – it was casual, the food was tasty, our kids always had fun, and it didn’t cost ol’ daddy warbucks here an arm and a leg. I think that even if they had raised their prices by about a buck a pie, they still would have done great and stayed, cost-wise, under the competition.

    • Paul Miller

      Written on

      Hi. I’m Paul Miller, owner of CiCi’s in Leesburg. I am so glad you had a nice time at our restaurant (and Happpy Birthday to your daughter). Thanks for the kind comments. I am a nine year resident of Loudoun County and my family has recently realized our dream of having a CiCi’s here. Thanks so much for visiting us. We’ll do our best to keep you happy.


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