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    Clever Tips for Paying Off Your Home Mortgage Faster

    Pay Off Mortgage Faster

    Paying off the mortgage on your home faster not only means that you’ll be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with completely owning your property earlier, but you may also save thousands of dollars in interest payments.

    Here are seven clever tips to help you get your mortgage payments on the fast track:

    1. Save for a large down payment

    Pay as large a down payment as you can reasonably afford. The more you can put down, then the less you’ll have to borrow from the bank.

    2. Read the fine print

    When you are choosing a mortgage, look at the fine print to find out if there are any restrictions to paying early. Some lenders will charge you for making extra or early payments.

    3. Prepay early in the life of the mortgage

    This is when the loan is the most interest-heavy. In the first five to seven years you are likely paying mostly interest. Request an amortization schedule of your mortgage to get a clear picture of how this works.

    4. Be smart with unforeseen fortune

    If you get an unexpected chunk of cash, such as a gift, prize, work bonus, inheritance, tax refund or other windfall, consider applying it directly to paying down the principal on your mortgage.

    5. Double-check your records

    When you make extra payments, ensure that they are processed correctly. Sometimes, when the lender receives a payment that is outside of the monthly cycle, they may not know what to do with it. Make a special note and keep track of the payments yourself, so you can make sure they have been applied to your principal.

    6. Increase your payment

    Even increasing your payment by a small amount every month may take years off the length of your mortgage. Consider how much you can afford to pay every month rather than just the minimum payment amount.

    7. Think about a bi-weekly payment

    You might want to switch to an accelerated bi-weekly mortgage payment rather than a monthly payment. This typically applies an extra payment each year, but you will need to talk with your lender to set this up.

    These are just a few techniques you can use to pay off your mortgage faster. Remember, the quicker you pay off your mortgage, the less interest you will be paying. Looking for a lender that can help you? Reach out and we will connect you with someone that can answer your questions.


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