I Love Me Some Me(me)…thanks, Jeremy..

    I got Meme’d by my friend Jeremy Hart over at NRVLiving. For those uninitiated, a Meme is like a chain letter, for a blog, which gives people the opportunity to learn a little bit about you they might not otherwise find out. I’ve actually only been Meme’d once before.

    1. Who is your favorite musical artist? I love so many different types of music and so many different musicians. To pick just one though, I’ll choose based on who I’d want to see play live, most of all…Eric Clapton. The man gives me goosebumps. Nuf said.



    2. Who is your favorite artist? Not a huge art buff by any means, but I’ll choose Pierre-Auguste Cot, I love both “Springtime” (that’s the one pictured, of course) and “The Storm”.. (here’s a good story…I nearly flunked a 100 level Art History class in college, which I was taking Pass/Fail, my last semester before graduation. Just couldn’t ‘get’ it! Much better appreciation now, finally!)



    3. Who is your favorite blogger? What an impossible question! I’m going to name two people here (among many that inspire me). First, Sarah Cooper, who helped me believe that I could blog too, both from her genuine writing style and all her encouraging words for me from the beginning of my efforts. Second, Chris Griffith, whose writing style I would love to emulate, and who I would love to be when I never grow up. <mwa> to you both!

    4. If you could meet anyone (alive or dead), who would it be and what is the most interesting thing about them? Truly? I’d love to meet all the folks that I’m friends with online that I’ve not had the opportunity to meet face to face yet.

    5. What did you want to be when you grew up? a published author. Really! (I love to write..)

    6. What is the most interesting piece of trivia you know? Not one of those folks. Have a hard enough time remembering important things (like, where am I supposed to be today, and what do I need to do when I get there?!?) Happily, though, my 10 yr old son is a repository of little known facts, so I can turn to him if I have a need of such things…

    7. If you could live in any point in history what would it be and why? I like now just fine, not knowing what is coming is way more interesting… 😉

    8. What is the most interesting job you have ever held? Working as a Realtor is hands down the most interesting.  At least once a week I have a “you just can’t make this stuff up” moment. Each day is definitely a new adventure.

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      I had to work to find a log in that worked just so I could sign in and THANK YOU!!! I was thinking I agree so much with the Eric Clapton bit, shocked me to death to see my name in your post.

      You don’t know how much I needed the lift today, and it was just perfect. 🙂 Thank you!!


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