LoCo Seems Drama Free, Stable For Now

    Single Family Home Median Price

    [altos_regional_chart regionId=”49461971″ rt=”sf” ra=”a” q=”a” left=”price” size=”m” timeSpan=”e” endDate = “2009-10-23” /]

    Condo/Townhome Median Price

    [altos_regional_chart regionId=”49461971″ rt=”mf” ra=”a” q=”a” left=”price” size=”m” timeSpan=”e” endDate = “2009-10-23” /]


    [altos_regional_chart regionId=”49461971″ rt=”sf,mf” ra=”a” q=”a” left=”zip_region_inventory” size=”m” timeSpan=”e” endDate = “2009-10-23” /]

    It’s easy to get caught up in the weekly fluctuations of the market, but even with those steep ups and downs in the charts, they still only represent a small swing in pricing. Overall, the median price of single family homes in LoCo is within $5,000 of where it was in February, after trending up for a bit and swinging back down again.  Median price of condos/townhomes, meanwhile, is basically at the same point as in February.  I would have expected to see a bigger change on the inventory charts, but we are only down about 10 percent since the start of the year. At this point everything seems very status quo; homes are continuing to sell, and prices aren’t dropping.  I’m always interested to see what happens as winter rolls into spring; maybe this year we will get back into our usual cycle of gentle appreciation and a true spring market. (I can hope, right?)



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