LoCo Photo…barn before the storm

    Outside of PurcellvilleWas out driving around between storm cells last week, and tried to take a pic of the double rainbow that was peeking in and out between the storm cells.

    Didn’t quite get the rainbow, but got this pic of a barn outside of Purcellville. Had to hop back in the truck because lightening was brewing off to the left of this photo (and I didn’t want to test my luck!)

    Enjoy…You can find more of my Loudoun County photos on my Flickr account.




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    • slfourni

      Written on

      It’s a beautiful barn I must say.

      There have been many a beautiful barn destroyed as of late with our unusually high winds…

      All the more reason to buy a safe home while rates are low and prices are lower.

      Cheers and here’s to life outside the barn :^)



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