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    Pin All the Things?

    Pin all the things?

    Raise your hand if you are a Pinterest addict…I’m not, but I find it intriguing. For the uninitiated, Pinterest is a social sharing site that allows you to ‘pin’ images to your own virtual bulletin boards, and share with your friends.  Board topics range from recipes to fashion, to interior design, and motivational quotes. And everything in between. Shoe addict? Pin the Jimmy Choo’s you’ve been lusting after. Getting married? Add cakes you love, table decorations that inspire you.  And the real estate dreamers…my goodness. Add all the dream homes, dream kitchens, dream rooms you want.

    I’ve given you a peek at my Pinterest above. I confess that I haven’t spent a whole lot of time there; I’ve shared some local photos I love, some of my own travel pics that inspire me, and I’ve ‘re-pinned’ a few things that resonated with me. I am more of a Pinterest voyeur…bear with me and I’ll explain why.

    As a buyer’s agent, my first question to all of my clients is “what is your best case scenario?”…give me your dream first, and then we can work on finding a way to get it for you. Pinterest gives you the opportunity to create a living representation of those dreams. A buyer that takes the time to pin six or seven photos of their dream kitchen can tell me visually that they prefer a center island that acts as a cockpit overlooking a family room. Or that they like darker wood cabinets and high ceilings. A pinboard with lots of outdoor spaces (check out the fire pit in the board above) tells me that the patio and deck could be just as important as the layout of the master bath.

    Yes, I spent a lot of time in psychology and sociology classes in college, so I’m always studying human behavior. Pinterest is so different from Facebook in it’s lack of pretension. Here are my favorite things, and this is how I organize them…such a peek into the way a person thinks, and what appeals to them.

    If you want to take a look at my boards, and follow along, you can find me at  Let’s connect..I’d love to see what your dreams look like!


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