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    Smarter, Bolder, Faster?

    Century 21's Superbowl Ad

    As a reader here in my little corner of the universe, you may (or may not) be aware that I hang my shingle with a Century 21 brokerage in Ashburn, called Redwood Realty. Anyone who knows me would be aware that gold is not my color of choice, and I’m not so much into blazers, so the chances of seeing me in one of those iconic jackets falls somewhere between slim and none, unless there’s a losing bet involved.

    That being said, Century 21 created a bit of a buzz in the industry by choosing to spend a few million dollars to put out a television commercial. Not just any commercial, of course, but a Super Bowl commercial. If you were one of the folks still paying attention to the commercials in the second half of the game, you may have noticed the spot, which featured Donald Trump, Deion Sanders, and Apolo Ohno.  They represented smarter, bolder, and faster, which is C21’s new corporate slogan for its’ agents. Three pre-game commercials explained the premise, and led up to the final ad in the 3rd  quarter.

    If you didn’t watch, take a peek first, then read on:

    Smarter? Well, I spend at least one day a month either at an educational conference or taking continuing education. That’s not counting the classes that I teach. Yeah, I guess I could qualify for smarter.

    Bolder? I certainly don’t dress as sharply as Deion. But I do make it a point to utilize the most cutting edge technology and marketing ideas to help my clients, and have done so since I first got into the business. (Single property websites, facebook advertising, social media, you get the idea. I’m happy to explain more if you’d like.) I’d consider myself bold.

    Faster? In the sense of beating anyone in a race, especially on speed skates? Not so much. But I do think I’m quick to adapt to the changing market, and the tools I use keep me in constant communication with my clients. If that counts for faster, I’m in.

    While I’m happy with the fact that Century 21, and Redwood Realty as well, provide some great marketing and systems that help my clients with either a selling or buying transaction, I do believe that most of the time that their decision to work with me has more to do with me than with the company I’m with.  (Any of my past clients care to chime in on this?)

    It’s nice to see Century 21 provide some entertainment as part of the SuperBowl show, but I’m genuinely curious as to who noticed the commercial in the first place, and what they thought. Did it register for you that it was a Century 21 ad? And did you think it was entertaining? I’d love to hear your comments!


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    8 Responses to “Smarter, Bolder, Faster?”

    • Dave Van de Walle via Facebook

      Written on

      As a consumer – I am not certain that I want someone who will have unicorns at an open house and negotiate with Donald Trump. (The “5 is my final offer” thing confused me, too…and I wouldn’t want my agent telling the buyer “we would have taken less.”) It wasn”t obvious to me why I should choose the Century 21 agent – Deion Sanders’ cookies? The gold jackets? The hot redhead agent? Meh.

    • LisaAnn Carroll via Facebook

      Written on

      It didn’t do anything for me. It kinda had that “huh, what?” Feeling in the end

    • PC

      Written on

      The ad’s were interesting, found some of them funny. Some of these folks are reading it into a bit much. But I’ll tell you what, I don’t think running Super Bowl ads is going to make someone list their home with a C21 agent. Super Bowl ads are great for beer and food, but as many failed companies have shown in the past, a super bowl commercial does not translate to long term wins. I think those millions of dollars in ads could have been spent over the course of the year in more targeted placements that yield direct results. SEM, Youtube, Facebook, Trulia, Zillow,, Twitter, etc… That money could have gotten much better traction spread across multiple venues over the course of the year that could have helped the agent on the street. C21 is one of the most recognized brands in the world, thye don’t need super bowl ads – that is a compliment! – so this kind of ad seems like a big waste of $$$ for them.


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