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15 Minutes of Fame

 Smashed car

I always assumed my 15 minutes of fame would be related to golf, real estate, maybe even coaching. Never pictured something like this…

Yesterday was a rare occasion for me to stop by our Century 21 Redwood Office in Ashburn. I was working on a listing presentation when an agent came running in saying a Mercedes had been hit in the parking lot. Being just like everyone else, I jumped up to see what I thought would be someone else’s misery. Low and behold, there is my car right next to the Mercedes and it sure looked like it could be involved. I walked out to find four members of the Redskins grounds staff looking at the damage their truck had done. Apparently the parking brake didn’t work, it slipped out of gear, whatever; it rolled across the lot and crushed the back of my car!

Jon Bunn, a fellow agent in my office, snapped a picture and shared it with 106.7 The Fan on Twitter. Twenty minutes later I’m on the phone with them telling the story and a little of our history here as Cowboys fans in enemy territory. They write a little blurb for CBS Local that gets picked up by Deadspin and Bleacher Report. Next thing you know I am doing an on-air interview with the official radio station of the Dallas Cowboys.

It’s kind of crazy how quickly things can snowball., It’s been fun watching all the reaction and reading the comments; everything from I deserved it, to Infinity drivers are a**holes, to I’m a soccer mom. Too funny! The only way it could get better is if Jerry happened to catch the story and reached out to us.

For the record, the Redskins staff were super apologetic and certainly didn’t hesitate to provide what we needed to resolve things. C’est la vie, time to get back to normal.


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