Dry Mill Road Closed…

    Just a heads up that beginning today, Dry Mill Road in Leesburg will be closed from Route 9 to Woodburn Road so that Dominion Virginia Power can bury a transmission line under the road, and then fix it all back up again.  This is not great news for those of us that commute from Purcellville to Leesburg, using this beautiful back way to get there as an alternative to Route 7.  The detour they have designated for that piece of road runs from Woodburn Road back to Harmony Church Road, which feeds to Hamilton (and is a heck of a long way for a detour, but the only option). The road closing is expected to last from May 10th to May 15th, and I’ll keep you posted if they finish before then.

    Unfortunately, this isn’t the only way that Dominion Power will be disrupting traffic in our area in the next few months. More concerning is their announcement that as they string the power lines along the new route, they will be “intermittently” stopping traffic on Route 7, causing major delays. As there are no other major roads coming in from the western part of the county, this is probably going to create a bit of a mess, unless they are careful how they time the closings.

    Here’s the schedule of closings, as posted on Loudoun County’s website:

    Traffic stops on Route 7 are expected to begin May 17. The tentative schedule is:

    • May 17- June 4: Expect periodic traffic stops on Route 7 near the interchange at Hamilton Station Road in Hamilton
    • June: Expect periodic stops on Route 7 near the interchange of Route 9
    • July: Expect periodic stops on the Route 7 Bypass between Dry Mill Road and Route 15
    • August-September: Motorists will experience the most delays in this time frame as workers string lines along Route 7 and the Bypass between Route 15 and River Creek Parkway.

    According to a VDOT news release, the closings will be timed on Mondays between noon and 3:30 pm, Tuesday through Friday from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm, and Fridays from 9 am to noon.



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