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Having Some Fun at the Loudoun County Fair

LoCo Fair

Yesterday we had a chance to stop by the Loudoun County Fair and had a great time. We ran into the Storm 18U softball team parking cars, they were doing a little community service and trying to raise a few dollars for their team.

One of the fun shows was K-9s in Flight, a group of well trained dogs who catch frisbees and perform tricks. We took a stroll through the barns and saw bearded goats, bunnies, roosters, hens, pigs, cows, and horses. The girls enjoyed a few rides, and after asking Maddie if she wanted to spend the rest of her money on food or rigged games, she promptly won a gold fish tossing ping pong balls. Mr. Fins is the newest addition to the Elias household, hopefully we can keep him alive for awhile.

Things wrap up this Saturday, August 3rd. Keep up on the Loudoun County Fair Facebook page. We might have to sneak back out there to see the professional bull riders in person.


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