LoCo Goes Back to School

    2008 First day of school

    According to the LCPS web site, 70,855 students will be headed back to school today. With the opening of two new schools in Ashburn, Discovery Elementary and Moorefield Station Elementary, LoCo now has 84 total public schools.

    As we send our children on this new adventure, it always brings mixed emotions for us as parents. On the one hand, peace and quiet! I am most definitely more productive during the school year, up earlier, no distractions, and lots of me time. On the other hand, I have a blast with my kids during the summer and it’s another year closer to the house being empty all the time. Five years ago (above), our twins were headed to their last year of elementary school and daughter #2 was off to kindergarten. You can also see there were only 8 kids getting on the bus. Times have definitely changed, now both stops in our neighborhood look like this.

    2013 First Day of School

    Sure seems like it’s going too fast. Nearly 16 years ago my dad was sitting in the corner of a hospital room holding my son and said “Don’t blink, it seems like just yesterday this was me holding you.” Man was he right. Our baby heads to 4th grade, it’s our middle daughter’s last year at Emerick, and the twins are sophomores! Enjoy this milestone in the lives of your children, but don’t be too happy to rush them off to school.





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