LoCo’s Best Hairstylist…

    Dwight Grant, hairstylist and barber

    …is also a talented barber, who happens to have opened his own shop. 🙂

    Dwight Grant has been my stylist of choice (the ONLY stylist to touch my hair, actually) for the last decade or so. He also takes care of the haircuts and styling duties for my brood of four kiddos, and everyone loves Mr. Dwight. I’ve written about him in the past when he was at other salons, and he’s now taken the leap to open his own shop.  Mens Grooming Room opened this summer in the heart of Middleburg as a full service barbershop.  Ladies, don’t be worried, though,  he’s dedicating time to continue his stylist duties, too.

    In Dwight’s words, here’s the story behind this realized dream:

    The calling to open up in Middleburg is to seek a more fuller expression of all I have to offer.  History has granted me the opportunity to be the first barber in 50 years serve the men of Middleburg. The town has been a very special place for me to revisit my ancestry, as my first job was at The Red Fox Inn as a bus boy at age 14, and my very first library card was issued to me at the Middleburg library. I have always considered myself privileged to have roots that run deep in the community, which has had a tremendous impact upon the way I view the world. Middleburg consists of people with families and histories tying us all together in one way or another.

    The elements that have been important for me to incorporate into the salon were simple and clean and natural. The Hockman building has history; it is where you used to take your appliances to be repaired, back when people, places and things weren’t so ‘disposable.’  The building has been carefully restored, so it is clean and modern, but rustic at the same time.  I want the space to speak for itself; I love the miracle of nature so I wanted to bring the outside into the shop. To complement the existing aged wood doors and floors, I built my reception desk from scratch using Loudoun County wood with the help of the good men at Middleburg Millwork. I have tree bark artwork on the wall,  green plants, and plenty of natural sun light. The chairs are top of the line in comfort and design: saddle leather with walnut trim and arms, positioned in front of  full length dark walnut mirrors.

    When I was in yesterday, I was treated to delicious cookies from the local bakery (and delightful conversation, too.)  Dwight takes customer service and satisfaction to new heights. Please stop in and say hi…you won’t be disappointed.

    Visit his website or follow along on his facebook page


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