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    On Protecting Homeownership…

    So it’s been quiet here at LoCoMusings for the last week or so.  Trust me, I haven’t been sitting around eating bonbons and painting my toenails (although a vacation would be nice).  My dance card has been full with contract negotiations, listing appointments…and the Realtor Rally.

    Every year, the National Association of Realtors (NAR, the folks behind the blue R I’m wearing in the photo) host their Midyear Conference in Washington DC.  This year, for the first time ever, they organized a Realtor Rally at the foot of the Washington Monument. Concerned that our legislators are considering taking away the mortgage interest deduction, we wanted to make our voices heard that we will continue to fight for homeownership interests…because last time I checked, homeowners don’t have anyone else lobbying for them on Capitol Hill.

    The final attendance tally was somewhere between 13,000 and 15,000, depending who you ask. In any case, there was a sea of blue shirts. (You can check out the massive group photo here, if you would like.) Some Senators and Congressmen were in attendance, walking through the crowd and taking photos with the Realtors from their home states. Clearly, we caught their attention and they were listening.

    Aside from the Rally, I also spent the week sitting on several committees for NAR. It’s massively important to me that I volunteer my time, so that we can work to improve the professionalism of the industry, and help guide association policy and efforts. In the Communications Committee meeting, there was quite a bit of discussion about being “Constituency Protectors” for homeowners, representing their interests in Washington. Stay tuned for more information on the mortgage interest deduction issue… we won’t let Washington dip into your pocket without a fight.

    Now, I’m back in LoCo this week, so we can now resume our regularly scheduled programming. Hope you didn’t miss me too much! (Well, maybe a little?)


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