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Pam & John’s New Construction Story: Part 3

Boyle's week 3

Heather and I have had the good fortune to build two homes from scratch. Not everyone has had that opportunity, so over the next several months I am detailing the process my clients, John and Pam, are going through during the construction of their new Miller & Smith home. This is Part 3 of that story, but you can catch up by reading Part 1 and Part 2.

It was a busy week, during our pre-construction meeting with Brian and Tracy we found out that we now have an actual address, and the tentative completion date is late October, early November. As you can see from the photo, the foundation walls were finishedand the slab was being was about to be poured later that afternoon. The purpose of the pre-construction meeting is to verify the selections John & Pam made, make any changes, and provide a rough timeline of events until closing. One of the benefits of speaking with the site superintendent is listening to his recommendations from other home buyers. We were able to learn of a couple items that would have slipped the cracks through otherwise, and John and Pam would have regretted once they were in the house.

Our next official meeting is a pre-drywall orientation, where we will see framing, and plumbing, electrical, and hvac rough ins. So far, I am pretty impressed with Miller & Smith’s attention to detail and thoroughness. Check back next Monday for the latest update.


P.S. The story is complete, read part four here: Pam & John’s New Construction Story, Part 4

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