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Pam & John’s New Construction Story: Part 7

Brambleton home 7.2

Heather and I have had the good fortune to build two homes from scratch. Not everyone has had that opportunity, so over the next several months I am detailing the process my clients, John and Pam, are going through during the construction of their new Miller & Smith home. This is Part 7 of that story, but you can catch up by reading Part 1, Part 2Part 3Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6.

Yesterday we had the pre-drywall walk through, our last official appointment with the builder until a week before closing. The purpose of meeting with Larry, the site superintendent, is to make sure all of the structural details are correct before hanging the drywall. We checked the placement of the ceiling fan pre-wires and the recessed lights, made sure all the walls were in the correct place, and verified the bathroom layouts.

We also learned about the TAEX pest control system they have in place, pictured below. The service technician accesses an exterior port and injects the necessary chemicals, which then vaporize through tiny slits in the tube treating the walls for a year. It’s the first time I have seen it, and every home built over the last two and a half years in this neighborhood has the system.

We’ve helped a number of clients build new homes, and I continue to be impressed with Miller & Smith. All of the framing joints were caulked, and every hole made in the framing for plumbing and electrical was foam sealed. John had a building inspector with him who commented he’s seen $2.5 million homes that weren’t this well constructed.

Check back next week, drywall is scheduled for tomorrow so we’ll have plenty of interior pictures to share.


P.S. The story is complete, read part eight here: Pam & John’s New Construction Story, Part 8

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