Panera in Pville? Not So Far…

    Remember that photo? From right when construction was begun at Cole Farm/Purcellville Gateway? Me too. It looks a little different out there now, with the barn gone, the house moved, and the silo just starting to be rebuilt. You can clearly see where the commercial and retail buildings are going in now. Walls are shaping up. Less clear is what businesses will fill the space.

    I’ve had several people reach out to me asking what is going in here, and at the revamped Shoppes at Maple and Main (where Purcellville Marketplace used to be.)  I took a look at the town website and couldn’t find a list of upcoming openings, or planned businesses. I asked Mayor Bob on Twitter, but he just directed me to email staff to find out.

    I got in contact with Patrick Sullivan, the Director of the Community Development Department for the town, and this is what he shared with me:

    There are only a few announced businesses at this point.

    Purcellville Gateway:  Harris Teeter, Sun Trust, IJ Canns American Grill, and the Hair Cuttery

    The Shoppes at Main and Maple:  Walgreens.

    Nothing else is certain at this time.

    I will stay in touch with him and let you know when any other businesses commit. There is no formal announcement system for Purcellville, according to Sullivan, so we’ll have to keep an ear out to see. Any others that you’ve heard (Panera, for example) are just rumor at this point, according to the town.


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    • Brian

      Written on

      Hi Heather…a lease was executed for Coach’s Corner Grill back in August/September. Rob & Jen Burton, who have bar tended/waited tables for years in the area are opening it. They live in Purcellville, and have been local to the area their whole lives. They cannot wait to have a family-friendly/sports bar in town. Yay! Feel free to contact me if you want their contact info; I know Rob loves to talk about it; we’re all excited.


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