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Stressed, or Distressed, or Both?

I posted last week on LoCo Musings and LoCo Market Stats analyzing how much of our active real estate market in Loudoun is currently made up of ‘distressed’ sales, meaning short sales or foreclosures. What I found is that it varies depending where in the county you are, and also what home type you are looking at. Here’s the overall picture for the county:

Percentage of distressed active listings in Loudoun County

The vast majority of listings, nearly three quarters (74%) are ‘normal’, meaning no lender or bank involvement.(Here’s a post I wrote explaining the difference between short sales and foreclosures.) Personally I had expected that the 6% would be higher, although foreclosure listings can be bought in a much faster time frame, typically, than short sales, so they tend to go under contract more quickly. Here’s how the market looks in Sterling, specifically:

Percentage of distressed active listings in Sterling, Virginia

Comparing the Sterling active listings to all of Loudoun County, and we see that there are more short sales and slightly more foreclosures, so that 8% more of the active market is ‘distressed’ in Sterling. However, it very much depends on what type of home you are looking at in Sterling. Here’s how it breaks down by home type:

Percentage of active detached listings that are distressed in Sterling, VirginiaPercentage of distressed townhome listings in SterlingPercentage of distressed condo listings in Sterling, Virginia

Detached, single family homes in Sterling actually have fewer short sales than the overall Loudoun short sale percentage, although a bit more foreclosures; leaving the percentage of ‘normal’ transactions the same (and higher than that for Sterling as a whole). The active townhomes in Sterling, though, are very hard hit with short sales, a full 37%, so only 58% of active townhome listings are non-distressed. The condo market, not unlike in Ashburn, has nearly half of active listings classified as short sales or foreclosures, the majority of those being short sales.

Would you like to know how this specifically affects a particular neighborhood? Please fill out a quick form with a few property details and I can give you very detailed statistics.


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  • […] Back in December, I took a look at how much of our active real estate market in Loudoun County was m…, meaning short sales and foreclosures. If you aren’t sure what the difference is between a short sale and a foreclosure, hop over here to read this post first. At the time, 74% of all active homes for sale in the county were ‘normal’, typical listings, where you would negotiate with the seller, who was a real live person, without any involvement from a bank or lender. Distressed properties made up 26% of the market. Flash forward six months, and I figured it was time to look again to see if the market had shifted since the end of the year. […]

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