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    The Ed Hatrick I Almost Taught

    2009 Dr_Hatrick Official Photo

    In my former life as a golf professional, I had the chance to teach some pretty interesting people how to play golf. Probably the most famous person was Linda Carter, the original Wonder Woman. I remember her as being the tallest woman I had ever seen, and her brown Porsche had her initials on the door like she was a NASCAR driver.

    Back in 2001 when I was at Westpark Golf Club, I had back to back lessons scheduled with B.J. Webb, Leesburg’s Mayor at the time, and Dr. Ed Hatrick. They were getting ready for a golf tournament and needed a few pointers. About 5 minutes into my lesson with Mayor Webb, one of her assistants came running out and said she was immediately needed back in her office. It was 9:15 am, September 11th. Needless to say, the golf tournament was cancelled and I never got the chance to teach our superintendent of schools. It would have been an interesting social experiment; how would a former teacher take instruction.

    When Dr. Hatrick retires next June, he will have directed our public school system for 23 years, overseen the construction of 49 new schools, and helped shape four Elias children’s education. Thank you for your dedication and all of your hard work. Maybe now he’ll have some time for that golf lesson…


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