Wait, There’s No Crash?

    I was concerned that we were going to see another dip in home prices in Loudoun County following the end of the first time homebuyer tax credit, because the buyer demand that came right before the deadline caused prices to rise pretty much across the board in April.  The chart above shows median pricing for both single family homes (black line) and the combined condo/townhome market (orange line), and you can see that while there was some minor downward correction this summer, we have not seen a decrease.

    You can see a little fluctuation in the different towns, but the overall trend is steady. Sterling definitely had the most volatility but seems to have recovered since August, while the rest of the towns are decently stable. If you would like to see numbers specific to the towns in Western Loudoun County, check out Western LoCo Stats in just a bit, I will be working on that analysis today as well.

    As always, if you have questions, or want information specific to your neighborhood or home, just ask. It’s why I’m here!



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    • No Dip Here, Either | Western LoCo Stats

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      […] Yesterday I posted on LoCo Market Stats about how median price in Loudoun hadn’t dipped in the…From the chart above (black line is single family homes, orange is combined condo/townhome stats) you can see that pricing has stayed relatively steady, after squeaking upward slightly toward the end of the first time homebuyer tax credit.  I thought I’d take a closer look at the towns in Western Loudoun County to see if they followed this trend line too: […]


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