Soapbox for a second… (and thank you!)

    I was honored to be interviewed as a Realtor Spotlight on recently..but I wanted to clarify one of the answers I gave in the interview. Professionalism in my industry is very important to me. The one thing I want all of my clients to know is that in everything I do, I represent their interests first and foremost, even if it is to the detriment of my bottom line. Because in the long run, that will all balance out. Here’s a (somewhat) short video explaining that thought:


    And here’s an excerpt from the post…just click on the link below to read the whole interview…

    How Did You Get Started in Real Estate?

    I got started in real estate in 2004, which coincided with when I had my fourth child. Actually she was about six weeks old when I went to my first principles and practices licensing class. But my older two were probably about seven when I got my real estate license. I used to put them in the car to drive around with them when we moved to where we live now. I got a feel for the area by driving them around so they would fall asleep and take their nap, and that was my way of learning Loudoun County. I kind of became enamored with the neighborhoods and the houses and it was sort of a sport for me to see which ones were coming on the market. There was a tremendous amount of new construction going on at the time because Loudoun’s been one of the top three or four fastest growing counties in the nation for probably the last ten years or so. It became a very logical thing for me to be part of what was happening. I guess it started with a love of houses and then moved into me having my license.

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    4 Responses to “Soapbox for a second… (and thank you!)”

    • Michael Reed

      Written on

      Hello Heather,
      Great video and post. As a fellow Realtor I have been following along with you for about a year. You come across in a very genuine manner and I think exemplify what is possible and what is positive about being a real estate professional.

      Great Job!
      Michael Reed

    • Audie Chamberlain

      Written on

      LOVE LOVE LOVE this post and everything you are doing on and offline. Thank you and CAN’T WAIT for our call next week!!

      Have fun at #RETSO!!!

    • Tori

      Written on

      Kudos to you on the interview and your answer to the question about how you would fix the problem of what you see as the biggest challenge facing the real estate industry.

      A friend turned me onto your blog as an example of something I should do in the area where I live and I now read it regularly because I find it interesting. I have only been in the business for 9 months and have already encountered the public perception you speak of. I love your philosophy of representing your clients’ interests “first and foremost, even if it is to the detriment of my bottom line because in the long run that will all balance out”. I feel the same way, and have tried to fashion my business in the same way. I hope that public perception will change as more realtors with the same philosophy emerge.

      On another note, I have to ask how you did your job with 4 small children? That has been my biggest challenge. I have five kids under the age of 10. My youngest were 3 when I started, older than yours, but it has still been difficult to work as I need to! Another kudos to you for that!


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