The Sharp Pencil


    This is how my Mondays always start at LoCoMusings World Headquarters. A cup of coffee, a sharp pencil, and a clean sheet of paper. I have a million things swirling around in my brain that need to be accomplished this week: business tasks for the contracts and listings I’m working on, ideas to improve my business, news about the local area that needs to be shared with readers. There’s no way I would be able to put one foot in front of the other without starting the week with this clean slate.  (and a ton of coffee, but that’s another post.)

    Last week was a whirlwind; Tuesday I spoke at the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors Convention, then spent Thursday speaking at the Long Island Board of Realtors MLS Tech Day. That’s a bit unusual for me, while I make time to speak and teach for different conferences, rarely do I have two in the same week.

    But this week is a clean slate…and for this, I love Mondays. I’m off to dig into last week’s market data, and make some phone calls. Stay tuned for what this week will bring, I’m sure it will be interesting!





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