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Why I do what I do…

Heather Elias, Loudoun Realtor, LoCo Real Estate TeamI know that I usually write about Loudoun County, and about real estate, but for this post, I’m going to veer off for a second, so humor me. Thanks!

As a Realtor, on a near daily basis, I read in the mainstream press tons of negativity about my profession.  We are painted with a broad brush as greedy, corrupt, out to take advantage of the public.  From my perspective, and from the way I run my business, I am an advisor and a counselor.  If I don’t take exceptional care of my clients, they will not return to me for future business, and they most certainly won’t refer anyone to me.  Repeat business and referrals are my bread and butter. To this end, I have many times advised clients that now is NOT the time to sell or buy, based on what their personal goals and needs are.  So it’s particularly rewarding when I can help a client accomplish their goal, whether buying or selling.

At a time when the real estate market has been difficult for everyone involved in it, it’s easy to become discouraged…and easy to forget the good aspects of my job that bring me joy.  This week, I was reminded why I do what I do.  While my client is grateful to me for the expertise I provided to help him through the purchase process, I am grateful to my client…I received a heartfelt ‘thank you’ from him on the day that we closed on his house. It brought tears to my eyes.  Yes, real estate is a business transaction, but it is more personal than that, helping real people create a home.

So this is a shout out <grin> to my client, John, who reminded me that I am appreciated just when I needed to hear it…and a hearty congratulations to him, as he moves into his new home.



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