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Now, We’re Really LoCo!

Soooooo, it looks a little different around here, eh? It was time. The last full redesign of LoCoMusings happened on September 25, 2008. That’s centuries ago in internet years. 🙂 And everything up to this point was done by little old me. It was time to bring in the professionals.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the new design, which was painstakingly built by the fantastic team at Agent Evolution. Major kudos to Chad Johnson, Dave Bonds, and Nicole Nicolay for putting up with a detail oriented control freak like me, and managing to hit the nail on the head with the new look and navigation.

Also, a huge thank you and big bear hug to Stilson Greene, who designed that jazzy LoCoMusings logo that graces the top of the site now. Stilson is a true visionary who ‘gets me’ and also ‘gets LoCo’…as a lifelong resident, even more than I do. The logo was the first piece that put this whole project in motion.

Our new site design was set up to give you better navigation through all of the Loudoun County content here. Now, you can find information (blog posts, photos, market data, and listings) organized by town and neighborhood, via the community navigation buttons. Just want the traditional blog setup and posts? Click on the Blog link.

To my loyal readers: I hope you enjoy the new setup. I know it will take a little getting used to.  But my hope is that it’s cleaner, clearer, and easier to use.  What do you think?


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