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LoCoMusings Is World Wide

National Building Museum
We can’t move you into the National Building Museum but we’ve got the rest of the globe covered.

When we first moved here almost 16 years ago we didn’t know a soul. We stayed in a hotel for two months while we tried to get a feel for where we might want to live. That wasn’t fun, although we can look back now at laugh at how bad it was. I’m sure we aren’t the only people who have a story like this, and it’s part of the reason Heather started LoCoMusings over 7 years ago. She wanted to create a resource for people to learn about Loudoun County without having to figure everything out on their own. Along the way it has been a warm introduction to new clients and allowed us the opportunity to assist a whole lot of people moving to the area.

About two years ago Century 21 Redwood Realty, the company for which we work, became part of a global relocation network. It’s kind of silly but we aren’t supposed to “advertise” the companies and organizations who are part of it. The idea is that people moving to or from this area who have some sort of affiliation with these partners get paired up with a local real estate expert. (If you want to know whether or not you have a connection to one of these companies, contact us and we’ll help you figure it out). Since then we’ve had the chance to help even more families find their new home here in LoCo, including our last two couples who didn’t even see the house in person until the day they signed the paperwork. Without this network, there is a great chance these families would have just had to roll the dice on their own.

Some of the companies help pay for your move, others will buy your house after it’s been on the market for a certain length of time, and others will give cash back if you use a network Realtor. It all depends on the individual programs. So if you or someone you know are moving, locally or to another part of the country, we can connect them with an expert in their new location. Give us a shout , we would love to help. It won’t cost you a dime but might save you a few.


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