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    Please Help our Friends at MacDowell Brew Kitchen

    MacDowell Brew Kitchen

    Our friends over at MacDowell Brew Kitchen are having a little trouble with the Town of Leesburg and would like your help. 

    MacDowell Brew Kitchen has successfully operated in Leesburg, Virginia for more than a year and a half, drawing residents from neighboring counties and multiple states.

    In addition to excellent homemade food and a vast selection of craft beers, one of the main attractions of MacDowell Brew Kitchen is the large outdoor patio, featuring fine white sand, palm trees, and an oceanside “beach” atmosphere.

    Due to unreasonable demands by town zoning officials, the beach itself, as well as related business revenues, are at risk of being lost.

    The owners of MacDowell Brew Kitchen have a great respect for Loudoun County businesses and zoning laws, and wish to cooperate in every way possible. At this time, however, zoning officials have insisted upon elimination of much of the patio within a drastically unreasonable timeframe.

    We respectfully ask our friends and patrons to petition the Town of Leesburg and its zoning officials to cooperate with MacDowell Brew Kitchen in creating lasting solutions in a reasonable timeframe. Nothing is being hurt by the current layout of the patio, and demands by the town to eliminate a large portion of the patio will drastically impact a business that we are proud to offer in Leesburg, Virginia.


    MacDowell Brew Kitchen Owners and Staff

    If you are so inclined, please sign the petition to keep the beach.


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    4 Responses to “Please Help our Friends at MacDowell Brew Kitchen”

    • Chris

      Written on

      There is precedence that certain business owners and landlords in the Town of Leesburg do not go through the BAR or the proper permit/zoning process. They do this because they are told that if they pretend as if they don’t know that they are doing something wrong, there is a good chance they will get away with it. It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. I know for a fact that the MacDowells from the onset knew of these problems (residential zoning and historic Leesburg standards) and tried working with the preservation planner. Once realizing they weren’t going to easily get there way and learning how other businesses operate, they stopped doing things the right way. Every resident has to go through the BAR and it is established for a reason. We cannot claim that we are a historic district and then not use the regulations underneath that claim. Businesses come to downtown Leesburg so they can say we are in the historic district (it just sounds good), but then they don’t care to do things the right way. The demands of the town were not unreasonable. The MacDowells knew the consequences before making the beach. They were told you can’t serve alcohol in land zoned residential and you can’t claim town property for your business. If someone were to get hurt and sue it would come out of the Leesburg taxpayers wallet. The claim of the unreasonable timeframe for the removal of the beach is absurd when you know that they knew the consequence from the beginning. I suggest that people try to get the whole story and not just vilify the workers at the town zoning office. They are doing there jobs, based on the regulations that have been given to them, and the practices of MacDowell Brew Kitchen are illegal. If everyone wants to do things however they want, then don’t open business or live in downtown Leesburg.


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