Forget About the Price Tag

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    Okay, I had a phone conversation this morning that prompted this blog post. We need to have a discussion, right now, so that we are alllll on the same page. As a homeowner, when it comes time to consider putting your home on the market, you have a million questions in your head, and you need to find the right agent to answer them, and help you sell your home. Let me take a stab at what your very first question is:


    “What price will I be able to list my home for?”


    Totally valid question. But please, understand that more goes into selling your home than determining the list price. Any competent real estate agent SHOULD be able to bring you information about the most recently sold homes in your neighborhood (or like your home) and the homes active on the market to help you figure out a pricing strategy.  That is NOT what you use to decide who to list your home with!


    “What will you do to market and sell my home?”


    Now, we’re talking. When you interview agents, you want to see their marketing plan. Clearly spelled out, and detailed. What services are they providing to you: professional photography, videography, interactive floor plans, color brochures, property website, virtual tours? How will your home be marketed offline and online? What websites does that agent have the ability to provide ‘enhanced’ listing information, so that your home has detailed information and extra photographs? How does that agent track showings and feedback, buyer traffic on websites, requests for listing information from consumers, and how will they communicate all of this information with you? It’s easy to compare agents when you have the answers to these questions.  You can, and should, hold your listing agent accountable to their marketing plan.

    We’re talking about your biggest asset when it comes to home-selling time. Do your homework! The good agents don’t mind a bit that you are interviewing more than one agent.  And please, at home selling time, give me the opportunity to earn your business. I’m a darn good listing agent, with a degree in marketing and public relations. I don’t mind explaining my marketing plan at all.  Click here to reach out to me for real estate information. It’s why I’m here, after all. 🙂


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